At our dental office, we understand how frustrating it can be to have a smile that does not match who you are and the look you want to share with those around you. Whether you are frustrated about having misshapen, gapped or chipped teeth, our dentist and team can help. Dr. Robert Elloway proudly uses Bioclear® dentistry in Riverside, California, to treat your cosmetic concerns. If this is a treatment you desire, call 951-684-2085 to set up your consultation.

Bioclear is an alternative approach to improving the smile and treating most dental concerns. This form of dental bonding allows us to effectively enhance the smile without the use of clear aligners or traditional dental veneers. You get to complete your treatment with strong, aesthetically beautiful composite restorations that match your smile perfectly. Because of the nature of Bioclear, there is no need to shave down the teeth, plus all restorations are metal-free, amalgam-free and look completely natural.

This treatment is ideal for:

  • Closing spaces between the teeth
  • Reshaping the gum line
  • Fixing misshapen teeth
  • Restoring broken or chipped teeth

During the treatment, we will place a thin, clear film between your teeth. We will then apply the bonding solution to the teeth, keeping the film barrier between the teeth. This ensures that we maintain a natural space between your teeth, so you can resume your normal brushing and flossing routines after treatment. After the material has been placed on the teeth, our team will trim, shape and polish the tooth surface for a beautiful, natural-looking result!